ASM provides support to its Clients in 3 main areas:

Business Development

  • Understand the Client’s business,
  • Review the Client’s capabilities:
    • Technology
    • Production
    • Finance
  • Define a business strategy in accordance with the Client’s means and ambitions,
  • Implement the strategy based on market requirements and opportunities,


  • Identify potential customers,
  • Promote the Client’s capabilities,
  • Review and adapt the Client’s promotional material,
  • Review and adapt the Client’s internal and external communications strategy,


  • Organise sales visits to potential customers,
  • Identify sales opportunities,
  • Secure Requests For Proposals (RFPs),
  • Submit bids,
  • Support the Client through contract negotiations,
  • Support the Client during the Entry Into Service phase,

ASM can provide additional support in the following areas:


Based on many years experience working with organisations such as Air Business Academy in Toulouse, or IPSA in Ivry-sur-Seine, ASM is able to offer a number of training solutions for its Clients aimed at enhancing their sales capabilities or their understanding of the aerospace industry. Made-to-measure courses can be offered in such subjects as Customer Culture, Sales Techniques, and Effective Communication. For the more ambitious Clients a 5-day sales role-play excercise, supervised and coached by industry professionals, can be prepared to really test the capabilities of your Sales teams in a safe environment.

For Clients with little knowledge of the technical complexities of the aerospace industry ASM can offer ‘back to basics’ courses such as ‘How an aircraft engine works’, and ‘Why an aircraft engine costs so much to maintain’. These types of courses are particularly suitable for people working in the financial, insurance or legal sectors of the aerospace industry.

ASM’s training capabilities have been recognised by the French authorities with the classification ‘Prestataire de Formation’.


David Cook, President of ASM, has published a number of articles in a wide range of prestigious aerospace publications. A full list of publications can be found here.

These articles not only demonstrate the breadth of knowledge and the standing that David has in the industry but the fact that these articles often appear in aerospace financial publications confirms his ability to explain complex technical issues in a way that people from a non-technical background find easy to understand.


David Cook, President of ASM, has translated a number of military history books from French into English. ASM is able to provide a technical translation service from French to English.

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