The ASM Value Proposition

The development and launch of a new product or service by a small company in the highly conservative aerospace industry could take several years. By applying the ASM philosophy the Client could reduce this time significantly with a consequent reduction in cost and risk.

ASM’s extensive experience and industry contacts means that:

  • ASM can give Clients direct access to a wide-ranging network of key actors and decision makers so that they does not waste time having to build their own network,
  • By selecting and targetting key decison makers time is not wasted contacting the wrong people,
  • The risk of ‘casting errors’ in the recruiting process is minimised as the Client does not need to recruit additional sales staff for the initial phases of the project. The Client may even assign its own personnel to the project who, working alongside ASM’s experienced and qualified staff, learn and grow into the Sales role as the project progresses.

ASM’s technical competence and experience means that:

  • Little time is needed for intensive product training or familiarisation with the Client’s existing product range. ASM will be operational from Day 1.

The definition and agreement of a long term strategic plan means that:

  • Everybody understands, and commits to, The Plan from the beginning,
  • There will be fewer ‘dead ends’ and ‘blind alleys’ in the execution of The Plan,
  • A clear Plan provides for a clear, simple and effective internal and external communications strategy, essential for motivating staff and preparing the market.

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