Technical Qualifications and Experience

Technical Qualifications and Experience

ASM has knowledge and experience in the following aerospace technical subjects:

Civil aircraft engines.

  • Engine design and manufacture
  • Technology development
  • Engine selection process
  • Engine purchase contracts
  • Engine maintenance and Fleet Hour Agreement contracts
  • Warranties
  • Performance and Maintenance Cost guarantees
  • Engine maintenance and repair techniques
  • Engine repair workscopes and workscope optimisation

Composite aerostructures.

  • Materials,
  • Manufacturing techniques
  • Technology development
  • Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics (CFRP)
  • Metal composites
  • Ceramic composites
  • Composite repair techniques
  • Engine nacelle design and manufacture

Civil Aircraft Customer Support.

  • Regional airliners and Business jets
  • Aircraft purchasing contracts
  • Aircraft and engine maintenance cost
  • Life Cycle Cost management,
  • Initial provisioning – spare parts and tooling
  • Training,
  • Warranties and Guarantees

Military Aviation.

  • Fixed wing and rotary wing operations and maintenance
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) with Contractor Logistics Support (CLS)

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