ASM Consulting

ASM Consulting was created in 2005 by its owner and President, David Cook, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Melun, France. It is authorised to provide Business Development, Marketing and Sales consulting, predominantly, but not exclusively, within the aerospace industry. ASM is also authorised to carry out training, coaching, recruiting, journalism and translation.

ASM has established a world-wide reputation for offering discreet, personalised Business Development support to its Clients which provides them with measurable commercial benefits.

Key Business Skills

ASM can offer its Clients the following key business skills:

  • Technically competent and experienced in many aspects of the aerospace business,
  • The ability to visualise, define and implement a comprehensive long term  (5 yrs) Business Development strategy,
  • The ability to develop relationship networks leading to real commercial opportunities,
  • Skilled in complex contract negotiations and Project Management,
  • Over 20 years experience in the management and motivation of sales teams,
  • Demonstrated ability in personnel development, coaching and teaching
  • Excellent communications in English and French

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