Biography: David Cook

David Cook, President and Founder of ASM Consulting, has held a life-long passion for aviation. Son of a British Air Force (RAF) engineer he grew up on RAF bases in Egypt, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as numerous bases in the UK and so he has always been in close contact with aircraft. He considers himself fortunate that he has been able to transform this passion into a lifelong career in the aerospace business which is detailed below.

Royal Air Force: 1973 – 1982.

David Cook, President of ASM Consulting, started his aerospace career in 1973 as a maintenance technician with the Royal Air Force (RAF). After a three year Aircraft Technician Apprenticeship at the prestigious N°1 School of Technical Training, RAF Halton, he was assigned to 29 Squadron, RAF Coningsby where he maintained Phantom F4 aircraft. During this time he attended the Phantom Servicing School, obtaining specialist qualifications (Q) in Phantom Airframe Systems and Spey 202 engine systems, graduating first in his class on both occasions. On being promoted to Sergeant he was re-assigned to 240 OCU, RAF Odiham, where he was responsible for engine maintenance on Chinook helicopters. He attended the Chinook Servicing School where he obtained the specialist (Q) qualification on Lycoming T55 engines, once again graduating first in his class. He was awarded an Honourable Discharge from the RAF on completion of his 9-year engagement.

British Aerospace: 1982 – 1988.

After leaving the RAF in 1982 David secured a position with British Aerospace Civil Aircraft Division at Hatfield, England. He was named as Projects Engineer, subsequently Senior Projects Engineer, within the Customer Support Department, working on the BAe146 Regional Jet and the BAe125-800 Business Jet. His role was to work as an integral part of the Sales Team advising potential BAe customers of the Customer Support services which would be provided in support of their aircraft. As such he was involved in sales campaigns around the world, helping to succesfuly place BAe146 aircraft with TNT and Royal West Airlines, as well as securing BAe125 sales to Australian, Brazilian and European customers. He was also a key member of the C-FIN Bid Team which secured an order from the USAF for 6 Special Mission BAe125 aircraft which went into service as the C29A.

SNECMA / CFM International: 1989 – 2001.

In 1989 David was contacted by Snecma and encouraged to move to France to join the CFM International Sales Team based in Paris. He was assigned responsibility for Northern Europe which included Iceland, Scandinavia, Finland and the Baltic Republics. In 1995 he secured an order for CFM56-7B engines from Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) to power 46 Boeing 737-600 aircraft. At that time the SAS order was the largest engine order ever signed by a member of the Snecma sales team. He then went on to secure an order from Finnair for CFM56-5B engines to power 36 Airbus A320-family aircraft before returning to SAS to secure an order for CFM56-5C engines to power 7 Airbus A340 aircraft. In recognition of securing over $2,5 bn of installed and spare engine business David was named Vice President for Northern Europe and Middle East in 1998.

Aircelle (Safran Group): 2001 – 2005.

In 2001, as recognition of his success as part of the CFM Sales team, David was promoted within the Snecma Group and named Director, Business Development for the newly-created subsidiary Aircelle. He was a member of the Management Board responsible for all Business Development, Sales, Marketing and External Communications functions of the company. During this period Aircelle secured nacelle orders from Airbus for the A380 and Sukhoi for the Superjet, as well as orders for a wide range of aircraft structural components.

David left the Safran Group in October 2005 and created ASM Consulting in December 2005.


David has been a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society for over 40 years and this represents an important part of a sophisticated network of contacts. He currently serves on the Society’s influential Branches Committee and is Deputy Chairman of the joint RAeS / I.Mech.E  Combined Propulsion Technical Advisory Committee (CPTAC). David was a founder member of the Paris Branch of the RAeS and is currently Branch President. David’s life-long contribution to the aerospace industry was recognised by the Society in 2005 with the award of the grade of Fellow.

David is also a strong supporter of the Paris-based USAIRE organisation which brings together senior aerospace executives in the Paris area for social events and lunch conferences.

Sports and Hobbies:

David continues to be an active sports participant having played various sports all his life. He holds the grades of Black Belt, 3rd Dan in Iaido and Black Belt 1st Dan in Kendo (Japanese martial arts of swordsmanship). He also plays golf, skis and regularly plays badminton at his local club.

He enjoys playing the guitar, flying his computer flight simulator as well as creating scenery packages and aircraft models for FSX.

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