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David Cook to judge prestigious USAIRE Student’s Award.

David Cook has been invited to participate as a member of the jury for this year’s prestigious USAIRE Student’s Award. This award, offered by the Paris-based USAIRE organisation, is offered to students from around the world who submit papers considering subjects of strategic importance to the aerospace industry. This year’s subject is ‘The environmental question in the economic model of the aerospace and defense industries’. Of the 33 papers already submitted a short list of 16 will be presented to a jury of aerospace professionals for final deliberation. The winners will receive their prizes from Tom Enders, President of Airbus Group, during the USAIRE Thanksgiving Dinner to be held in Paris on 27th November 2015.

ASM Consulting goes ‘Live’ on the web

The ASM website is now ‘Live’. I hope you all enjoy visiting my site, learning about what is going on in the aerospace industry and seeing how ASM can help your company develop and expand. This site will continue to evolve as I undertake new projects and bring additional expertise into my company.

Many thanks to the people at the Lukas Agency in Melun, France, for constructing the site and for creating our new graphics identity. There will be a site in French and this will come on line as soon as I get through with the translations.