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ASM secures first French composite parts production contract for Portuguese client Optimal

ASM is pleased to announce that it has secured the first French composite parts production contract for our Portuguese client Optimal. The contract, which ASM President David Cook values at ‘over €500,000, including spares’, relates to the manufacture of tooling and the series production of interior fittings for the sports variant of a popular French compact saloon car. Parts deliveries will start later this year and extend over a 3 year period.
This type of result, explains Cook, “fully justifies the foresight and courage of a small, dynamic company like Optimal who have big ambitions and who are prepared to invest in their future. Using the services of ASM, with our network of contacts and our proven ability to identify and develop significant business opportunities, Optimal are developing their activities within the framework of a strong but measured strategic plan which will surely see them as a key player in the European composites market in the years to come”.

ASM signs long-term support agreement with Swift Aerospace

ASM is pleased to announce the signature of a long term support agreement with Swift Aerospace, Europe’s leading distributer of aerospace fasteners. ASM will work with Swift to help them develop their business by giving them access to ASM’s extensive network of high level aerospace contacts and by identifying strategic business opportunities, especially in France.

Swift are one of the world’s leading distributors of aerospace fasteners. Based in Welwyn Garden City, where they have an extensive stock of parts, Swift also have warehouses in Kuala Lumpur and Toulouse. In addition to sourcing and distributing parts Swift can also offer their extensive logistics expertise in the management of Consignment Stocks, Production Line kitting and Direct Line Feed.

ASM secures first French aerospace tooling contract for Optimal

ASM is pleased to announce that our client, Optimal of Portugal, has just been awarded its first composite tooling contract by the French aerospace industry. A major aerospace structures supplier has awarded them the contract for a tool which will be used as part of their R&D activities in developing new materials and new procedures in aerospace structures manufacturing.

ASM was engaged by Optimal in September 2016 with the mission of developing their aerospace composite business in France. Working on only a part time basis we have achieved our first result in less than 6 months. Not only is this a testimony to Optimal’s ability to supply high quality tooling at very competitive prices but it also demonstrates how ASM can act as a force multiplier, using its extensive network and knowledge of the industry to achieve results which would have taken the client many years to achieve on their own. We now look forward to our client’s next aerospace contract award.

ASM to participate in the Aerospace Days Forum, Orly Airport, 12th and 13th October 2016.

ASM will participate in the Aerospace Days (ASD) Forum, Orly Airport, 12th and 13th October, on behalf of our client Optimal. We will be specifically looking for opportunities to promote Optimal’s capabilities in design and engineering of complex composite structures as well as their ability to manufacture aerospace and automotive composite components and tooling. Requests for meetings have already been submitted through the Forum website but ASM would be delighted to meet up with anyone who shares a common interest in composites or aircraft engines. See you there!

ASM concludes business development support agreement with Optimal, Portugal.

ASM Consulting is delighted to confirm the signature of a business development support agreement with Optimal Structural Solutions of Portugal. This agreement will focus on the development of Optimal’s composite parts and tooling activities with a particular emphasis on the French aerospace market. Under the guidance of their dynamic young owners, Antonio Reis and Manuel Torres, Optimal’s objectives are to significantly increase the size of their business over the next few years – manufacturing capacity will double at the end of the year when the company moves into a new, custom built facility at the end of 2016. ASM is proud to have been selected by Optimal to help them achieve their ambitions.

ASM supports AT Engine Controls at the 2016 Farnborough Air Show.

Following the agreement concluded in April of this year to provide Business Development strategy support to AT Engine Controls, ASM President David Cook accompanied ATEC’s International Sales Manager Sirka Hajesch for a two day visit to the 2016 Farnborough Air Show. During this time, in between dodging the heavy showers, they visited over 80 stands, learning about current trends in the industry and making contacts for further discussions.Sirka HajeschDSCN6455

David Cook meets Michael Huerta, Administrator of the FAA.

David Cook, President of ASM Consulting, recently met with Michael Huerta, Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), at the Embassy of the United States in Paris. The FAA have recently become Corporate Partners of the Royal Aeronautical Society and David, in his capacity as President of the Paris Branch, was invited by the Society to present the FAA with its certificate of Corporate Partnership. Catherine Lang, Director Europe, Africa and Middle East, and Ian Ross, Senior Representative, also attended the short ceremony in the Wallace Library of the Embassy.

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ASM signs Business Development support agreement with AT Engine Controls (ATEC).

15th April 2016. ASM consulting is pleased to announce the signature of an Agreement with AT Engine Controls (ATEC) of Worsley, Manchester, England. ATEC are designers and manufacturers of electronic and electro-mechanical controls systems for aircraft engines, and oil and gas equipment, with a long history going back to the days of Hawker Siddeley Dynamics. Now the company intends to redefine its marketing and product strategy and ASM will advise them in a four month ‘Phase 1’ marketing review. Based on the results of this review further cooperation may be envisaged.

ASM supports Alpex at JEC Paris, 8th – 10th March 2016.

ASM Consulting participated at the 2016 Joint European Composites (JEC) Expo in France, supporting its client Alpex, a world-leader in composite tooling manufacturing. During the Expo the Alpex Stand received a large number of visitors, particularly from Asia, as well as visitors from France, testifying to ASMs success in promoting Alpex to the French aerospace industry.


ASM supports Alpex at European Composites Expo, Stuttgart, 22nd – 24th September 2015

ASM was pleased to support our client Alpex at the recent European Composites Expo in Stuttgart. This key event in the european composites calendar is aimed more at manufacturing and production processes than products and so was an ideal venu for Alpex to exhibit its composite manufacturing technology and to highlight its prototype RTM composite RTM manufacturing process which does not use silicon seals. While the footfall at the Expo was relatively restrained the Alpex Stand welcomed a continuous stream of customers and visitors, demonstrating the reputation of this small but dynamic Austrian SME.