ASM secures first French composite parts production contract for Portuguese client Optimal

ASM is pleased to announce that it has secured the first French composite parts production contract for our Portuguese client Optimal. The contract, which ASM President David Cook values at ‘over €500,000, including spares’, relates to the manufacture of tooling and the series production of interior fittings for the sports variant of a popular French compact saloon car. Parts deliveries will start later this year and extend over a 3 year period.
This type of result, explains Cook, “fully justifies the foresight and courage of a small, dynamic company like Optimal who have big ambitions and who are prepared to invest in their future. Using the services of ASM, with our network of contacts and our proven ability to identify and develop significant business opportunities, Optimal are developing their activities within the framework of a strong but measured strategic plan which will surely see them as a key player in the European composites market in the years to come”.