ASM secures first French aerospace tooling contract for Optimal

ASM is pleased to announce that our client, Optimal of Portugal, has just been awarded its first composite tooling contract by the French aerospace industry. A major aerospace structures supplier has awarded them the contract for a tool which will be used as part of their R&D activities in developing new materials and new procedures in aerospace structures manufacturing.

ASM was engaged by Optimal in September 2016 with the mission of developing their aerospace composite business in France. Working on only a part time basis we have achieved our first result in less than 6 months. Not only is this a testimony to Optimal’s ability to supply high quality tooling at very competitive prices but it also demonstrates how ASM can act as a force multiplier, using its extensive network and knowledge of the industry to achieve results which would have taken the client many years to achieve on their own. We now look forward to our client’s next aerospace contract award.